We are a mobile crepe / food trailer that brings farm fresh food to farmer’s markets, street faire’s, festivals, and all types of events.


Hot and Healthy Foods is committed in providing quality, fresh products that come from local farms as close to our area as possible.  Many of the current practices in food production and distribution are not sustainable to our planet and we feel it is very important to support good practices and local farming.


We “humanos del mundo”, the consumer have  the choice and if we support these quality practices we can help change the way our food is made and shipped to our table.  You have the choice! Please make it a good one cause it effects all of us.  :)


Check us out on Facebook@ http://www.facebook.com/hotandhealthyfoods


One thought on “About

  1. I’m the Editor for Alister & Paine Magazine, the digital magazine for 21st century executives.

    We’re working on a Luxe Travel Report with Squaw Valley for our Elite Lifestyle Column and would to come review and feature Hot and Healthy Foods exclusively in the editorial.

    Please let me know as soon as possible if you’d like to be featured, we’re headed there tonight for an Easter Weekend review!


    Jenna Marie

    Jenna Marie Bostock
    Editor-in-Chief | Alister & Paine, INC
    Mobile Office: 845.649.8719

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